Adult pooping in diaper story

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Show less Just when you thought that things couldn't have been getting any worse, you just now acknowledged signs of your friend having to wear adult diapers! But how can you handle them?

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So you have decided to potty train your child? Or maybe your child will go number 1 but will not go number 2? We can help with the BM.

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That is why having kids triggered a thought reflex along the lines of holy crap here comes the poop brigade. I have three wonderful kids now. Esben was not born at this time. Ema was potty training.

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A new parent's guide to the good, the bad, and the smelly. It's easy to obsess over your baby's bowel movements. With more than 2, diaper changes during the first year alone, you've got plenty of opportunities to study the color, texture, odor, and frequency of your child's stools.

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Tis the season for ghosts and ghouls, monsters and zombies, things that go bump in the night. But I know tales of something far more frightening. Tales that will leave you holding onto your butts.

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Thankfully, the bus finally arrived. I filed on, paying my fare, trying to walk normally despite the thick wad of cloth holding my thighs apart. I found a seat about midway down and scooted over by the window, trying to distract myself by watching the scenery. I had met my Mommy in a store.

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Story written by: abdl Hours passed and my diaper began to get heavier and heavier. I could feel a cool pool of urine at my rear.

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Vote: Yeah! I was wearing cotton panties and pajama shorts pulled up snug around my waist. I thought since I was alone upstairs and the large comforter would mask the smell, I would just go right there laying down.


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