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Yes, yes, I realize that saying that is akin to saying that water is wet, the sun rises in the east, and that it gets damned cold here in the upper Midwest in December, but there you go. Mehmet Oz, a. However, at least from time to time I can correct misinformation that Oz promotes, particularly when it impacts my speciality.

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Last updated July 26, Bras were not designed to hold phones and cash, yet females are stashing their accessories in this make-shift pocket for lack of a better option. Now, designers—who are finally thinking of female clothing practicality—have even put pockets on bras and sports bras!

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While recording muscle tension, we sometimes observe a signal that is NOT the actual muscle contracting. It is an electrical signal that is recorded with sensors at the location of the body but not produced by the muscles. Below is an example of an artifact signal that can be hundreds of times larger than the biological muscle electromyography or brainwave electroencephalography signal as shown in Figure 1.

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When I first got my cellphone, it was the coolest thing in the world to me. I always wanted to keep right it right in the palm of my hand so that I could see it and so could everyone else. But as time passed by and the newness of my cellphone wore off, I started needing places to put it. So I did what every other woman has done at least once in their life.

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I am no different than most moms. I have four kids. I know, groan, right?

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Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou Oh, to be a cellphone. Oh, yeah — and get tasered, too. Adventures in fake blood and razor blades Needing a timeout to get a player on in a crucial last-minute moment in a rugby match, the only way it could happen was if a player was injured.

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Doctors: Women who store phone in bras at risk for breast cancer. Keep that cell phone out of your bra: Open forum On Your Health. Mirror UK: This mum believes carrying her mobile phone in her bra for 15 years could have given her breast cancer.

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Read on for some of the major areas of health concerns including cancer! Another recent study has demonstrated that cell phones are no friends of testes, the male reproductive organs in which sperm is made. It was shown that when cell phones were in talk mode and located in close proximity to the testes, sperm cells were damaged. The study is alarming because of two key problems….

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Suggested have been possible associations between cell phone use and conditions including malignant gliomas and nonmalignant meningiomas, both tumors formed in the brain, and benign acoustic neuromas, slow-growing tumors that develop on the main nerve leading from the inner ear to the brain. Studies to try to find evidence of this have been conducted, and more are in progress, but so far, experts disagree about the findings. Cell phones emit radiofrequency RF energy, a form of electromagnetic radiation.

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If you need to reach Jan Chipchase, the best, and sometimes only, way to get him is on his cellphone. The first time I spoke to him last fall, he was at home in his apartment in Tokyo. The next time, he was in Accra, the capital of Ghanain West Africa.


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