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Canion's process for making executive decisions will be of interest to managers in any competitive industry. Lewis, former Senior Writer and technology columnist for The New York Times "Compaq's early business decisions changed the course of personal computing. This is a detailed inside look at those high-risk, high-reward calls by the executive who made them and holds important lessons for competitive strategy.

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God moves the player, he in turn the piece. But what god beyond God begins the round Of dust and time and sleep and agony? As I write this column, a computer program called AlphaGo is beating the professional go player Lee Sedol at a highly publicized tournament in Seoul.

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Finally, Lav Varshney describes a computer program that can learn what pleases your taste buds on a molecular level, and can then design healthy recipes that taste delicious to you, based on that information. So far, so cool, right? Rather than depending on humans to write software programs that tell them what to do, they will program themselves so they can adapt to changing realities and expectations.

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Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have been able to create computers that learn language by doing something that many people consider a last resort when tackling an unfamiliar task - reading the manual or RTBM. Beginning with virtually no prior knowledge, one machine-learning system was able to infer the meanings of words by reviewing instructions posted on Microsoft's website detailing how to install a piece of software on a Windows PC, while another was able to learn how to play Sid Meier's empire-building Civilization II strategy computer game by reading the gameplay manual. Without so much as an idea of the task they were intended to perform or the language in which the instructions were written, the two similar systems were initially provided only with a list of possible actions they could take, such as moving the cursor or performing right or left clicks.

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He started the Internet History Podcast as a crowd-sourced history project in February of this year. You can subscribe to the podcast here. Rod Canion was one of the co-founders of Compaq back in the early 80s, and he was there for the real world PC wars.

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To keep up with the rapid pace of change, organizations are investing in digital transformation to gain the ability to swiftly adapt and outperform their competitors. By digitally enhancing their operations and offerings, business leaders are able to collect and harness data to gain insights that can help unlock new business opportunities. Infour key tech trends could lend the sparks that enterprises need to accelerate their digital transformation and become data thrivers.

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Keep abreast of significant corporate, financial and political developments around the world. Stay informed and spot emerging risks and opportunities with independent global reporting, expert commentary and analysis you can trust. By subscribing with Google you will be billed at a price in your local currency.

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When you're job hunting, employers are going to want to know about your computer skills. That's because no matter what the position is, computers will almost certainly be involved. Just think about how ever-present computers are, from smartphones to cash registers to the ordering systems at restaurants.

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They cost less and are dependent on good standing with the company to stay in the US, next question. Many laws are maintained not because they are fair, but because some rich lobby games the system to keep them in place. Further, bureaus that used to have American developers now have Indians.

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Even if Microsoft's Xbox games console flops, it should do at least one useful thing: it should stop people thinking of the company as merely a PC software firm. That is, of course, where the bulk of the Redmond-based giant's money comes from. However, during the past five years, Bill Gates's programmers have been tackling a wider and wider range of devices, from home games consoles such as the Xbox to server software for mainframe data centres.


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