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Most badgers have a characteristic black and white striped face with small white-tipped ears and grey body, though their fur can become stained by the local soil. The body appears grey, with black fur on its legs. In windy conditions, the fur may blow around in the wind, revealing the lighter underfur on the body.

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Badger - Fast Facts. Protecting Wild Things and Wild Places. Badgers are well known for their digging habits and nasty dispositions when they are forced to defend themselves.

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There are approximatelybadgers in the United Kingdom. This may seem like a large number, but an estimated 45, are killed in road accidents every year. Combined with the persecution of badgers by people who believe that killing them is a sport and the reduction of suitable habitat by developers, you may see why the badger is an endangered species in many parts of the UK.

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If you're concerned that someone has done something illegal to a wild animal, please call our hour Cruelty line on - or contact the police. Badgers are protected and so are the setts burrows they live in. But there are exceptions. Licences to undertake some actions can be issued if it is justified, for example where a badger sett is found on a proposed site for a road or housing development.

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The badger is a largely nocturnal, normally shy retiring animal that live in large social groups called a clan. Badgers are closely related to otters, stoats, weasels, polecats and pine martins. The extensive sett at Badger Watch Dorset is sited in a sheltered copse on a gentle slope of a chalky hillside and is around years old, with many entrance holes and a labyrinth of inter-linking tunnels connecting to sleeping and nursery chambers deep underground.

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Badgers should only ever be handled by experienced personnel. They are very dangerous animals who are incredibly strong and quick, even when injured. Once you have established that a badger is in need of assistance, contact your local wildlife rescue centre or telephone Tiggywinkles on our emergency helpline

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General fact sheet click to download. Field sign fact sheet click to download. In there were estimated to be around 42, social groups of badgers, and just underadult badgers.

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A combination of long guard hairs in the coat and tough loosely-anchored skin that needs to accommodate significant fat deposits during the autumn provide the shaggy appearance, while the short legs and stocky, muscular build particularly around the neck and shoulders gives the distinct impression of power. All four feet are equipped with six pads five toes and one plantar and long non-retractable claws, although the claws on the front feet are larger and thicker than those on the hind paws. The front paws are also larger and broader than the hind ones, being used primarily for excavation. The strong claws, broad pads and muscular chest and legs make badgers highly efficient diggers, but also proficient swimmers and tree climbers.

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Badgers and their setts are protected by law. If you think that someone has committed an offence under the Protection of Badgers Actplease call our hour Cruelty line on - or contact the police. Providing small amounts of supplementary food can be beneficial to badgers during dry summers or long periods of cold weather, when natural food is in short supply.

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One of the more curious badger facts is that a large part of their diet is earthworms. Badgers are stoutly built, powerful and cantankerous carnivores. There are eight species of badger ranging across several continents including North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. All the badger species are fossorial, creating many-chambered underground dens, and spending much of their lives below ground.


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