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Redheads are rare. On average, only 2 per cent of the global population has red hair. The author goes into Darwin mode, tracing the redhead gene as it made its way out of Africa yes really across the world.

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Alisha from Odessa, Ukraine. Courtesy Brian Dowling. Less than two percent of the world's population has naturally red hair.

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Hence, as a ginger, you can sometimes feel…ordinary. Besides the fact that travelling is exciting and an amazing opportunity for everyone to explore the world with its many wonders, beauties and different cultures, as a redhead you might come back with some slightly more interesting stories than your fellow blonde or dark-haired travel-enthusiasts. For example, in Northern Africa, you might just get a couple more camels offered to you than your blonde friends and, since bargaining is a must in that area, you can usually work your red hair to your advantage by going just a tad lower in price than a non-redhead.

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If someone asked you to describe a 'ginger' person, chances are you'd say 'white skin, red hair and possibly freckles'. And while it would be an accurate description for the more stereotypical redhead, it would barely be scratching the surface. Which is what a French-born, London-based photographer has set out to illustrate in a series of stunning photographs.

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They're fiery and dangerous, or they're clownish and weak. They're total geeks in public, but they're wild in the bedroom. They don't have souls, so they'll steal yours.

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Headstrong as it is, ginger hair holds its pigment much firmer than any other hair colour. If redheads desired to dye their hair to any other colour why would you? Otherwise, the colour won't take.

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This classification system organizes skin types into six categories according to their coloration: the lower the number, the fairer the skin, and the fairer the skin, the more delicate it is. People with skin type I are usually very fair and have blonde or red hair, freckles and blue eyes. They usually sunburn very easily without ever getting a tan.

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For some reason, gingers are universally maligned by society writ large. They are either touted as unique and sexy or dismissed via a barrage of insults which range from jabs at their temper to unimaginative terms such as "fire-crotch". And while some of the biggest household names out there are blessed with red hair, think Ed SheeranJessica Chastain and Prince Harrya substantial amount of conversation still revolves around their hair colour, and what it can tell us about their personality. One woman, however, has taken it upon herself to settle the dispute over the divisive hair colour once and for all.

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Forget teasing your neighbourhood redhead. According to science, redheads literally have a different scent to us ordinary brunettes and blondes. Galopin reported that red-haired women emit an aroma similar to that of ambergris, which has a distinct earthy scent.

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When I was younger, there was nothing more I wanted than to dye my hair some ambiguous shade of brown to fit in with the majority of the world. You can classify that under typical pre-teen angst, but let it be known that if I could time travel back a decade and give myself a good shake, I'd do it. There are those out there who try to imitate our good fortune — best of luck, red is the toughest color to maintain — but the reality of it is that redheads come in all shades and intensities. I personally was blessed with golden, auburn tresses that go great with my mostly-black wardrobe.


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