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Athens, Ga. A recent study from the University of Georgia looked at sexual ads appearing in magazines over 30 years and found that the numbers are up. People are hard wired to notice sexually relevant information so ads with sexual content get noticed.

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Source: Netflix. Once the trailer begins to autoplay, however… The shitshow begins. The premise of the show is as simple as it is awful.

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New research has show that using sexually explicit imagery in magazine and TV ads puts women off buying products, unless it is a superior and expensive item. The findings, published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, suggest this disparity is down to the fact that women have evolved to see sex as a special and prized act. The watch was either associated with a sexually explicit image or a majestic mountain range, a more neutral seen. The participants were made to memorize a 10 digit code before watching the advert to prevent them over-analysing their reaction.

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Some people believe it is. City Room received an e-mail message from a concerned father who was alarmed by the number of taxi-top advertisements he had seen promoting New York strip clubs, like Flash Dancers and New York Dolls. They ask questions, he said.

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While the ads seemed mild to us even the feminist blog Jezebel noted, " meh, I've seen worse "it's hardly a surprise that the ban-happy ASA axed the campaign. The ASA is a self-regulatory watchdog that oversees advertising in the Britain. While it looks into 10 to 15 questionable ads a week, it takes only one public complaint for the ASA to ax an ad The ban-happy ASA has pulled the trigger on everything from ads spouting misinformation to ads featuring excessive cleavage to over-Photoshopped advertorials.

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Skimpily dressed models advertising swimwear, lingerie and perfume on billboards do not cause widespread offence to the public and are considered less offensive than TV ads, according to research from Outdoor Media Centre OMC. The study suggests outdoor advertising sits at the bottom of the list of offensive stimuli the public is exposed to, and is perceived to be less capable to offend than TV, the internet, mobile and direct mail. The study was commissioned by the Outdoor Media Centre in response to last June's Bailey review, called 'Letting Children be Children', which found that the amount of sexualised imagery in outdoor advertising should be reduced.

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A screengrab for a condom ad featuring Sunny Leone, a Bollywood actress and former porn star. On Monday, India's Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued an advisory to the country's television channels requiring them to immediately cease airing condom commercials between 6 a. On Tuesday, the second-most populous nation in the world woke to headlines like "Govt bans condom ads from 6 a.


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