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If Disney won't try and do something similar to the ideas you suggested, and instead ruin with sjw crap, I will raise and army to storm the studios, and demand to get a respectable story! We hit 10 million! Most Ytbers: make a nice vid thanking everybodyJames: eats all of his subs as sprinkles.

Big asshole vids Hahahah thos cops is youtuber but they is real bounty hunter hahahaha See you in Tampa gus I'll bring my pet alligator. This white guy conveniently has anecdotes to make his point Me thinks him a liar. Ur my fav YouTuber!!

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Cerita sex main isteri dengan kawan Shane desial sex movie samples Busty teenage breasts dating membership. There's a book I read recently called "The Tell" by Matthew Hertenstein that talks about the judgements we make on other people within a few seconds of meeting them These instant first impressions we make are surprisingly accurate and informative I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about reading people, because there are real life consequences each time we assume something about someone elseGreat video, by the way I found your channel when "America, what are you doing to your men? I hate whoever does the song editing Do you swing both ways pablo You hold your breath so no speirits get to you.

I'M bigger!! Masaman Lithuanians are catholic because of polish influence and polish settlers The fact that most of their pupulation was assimilated into polish culture to the point where lithuanian was considered to be a regional variation of the polish culture in the XVIII-XIX century proves that I don't know how did you came up with the german hipotesis As far as I know there were more Jews in Lithuania that Germans How to make hardcore in fl studi. Really informative and interesting video This conversation was needed Bad ass picture How to make hardcore in fl studi. Ng 3taon or dswd nalang Yan!!!

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Stop wasting ur money on that stupid bitch All she buys is 5k handbags and she already has like ! Gosh I love how all the guys were texting each other and not really paying attention Free porn movie gallieres. How bad was this year if fucking Reel It In made the cut?

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Is should be harley and nana harna but harith came in and budge in That storage closet has handprints cuz people do the dirty in i I like the toofaced and morphe idk whichever you liked or choose goes well with you Mrs envy milf I guess Dylan proved us ALL wrong!!! Like woah!!!. Omg kooonnggg noooo ily so muuuuch I miss you Kong RIP Busty boobjobs Removing them is quite bad for the turtles I slept in the first 20 seconds of hearing this Ok one she's not ugly anyone who says she is are haters or jealous because they don't have somone to spend there time with So Zaid you and your wife don't need to worry go watch some Netflix and chill.

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Finn doesn't like to eat He's so picky too! Thai food isn't as diverse compared to the Philippines Everyone loves pad thai but what else? The fish dish in the video compared to the Filipino version, Philippines wins when it comes to flavor I have to ask Thais to add ginger to the recipe to make it close to the Philippine version I must say Thai food has cleaner flavor, vs Filipino food is so diverse!

You are my favorite YouTube ever!! I first seen you in Snapchat lol Do people actually live in these types of homes? Brutal dildo and dick in girly assholes I can bop to every single one of these songs I can vividly remember when I listened to every sing one.


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